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Whatsapp spy apps have existed on the internet since 2011. In fact, these programs fell under the category of cell phone spying software which first came into existence in 2003. Prior to whatsapp messenger, surveillance software concentrated on text messages because this was the main means of communications at the time. When texting first came about, it was commonly used because it was simple, powerful and cheap when compared to a phone call. Instead of calling the person, one would send a quick message. Therefore; if you could monitor these conversations then you would have an idea of what is going on with your child or employee.

Right now, Whatsapp messenger is the leading mobile messaging service for iphone and Android users. This means that to acquire the same results as yesteryear, you must implement a program which can spy on Whatapps messenger as well as sms messages. It may cost more, but the idea is that its effectiveness would be able to pay for itself times over.

So what are the constraints of using this technology?

There are three major types which are:

  • Stealth: Many of the applications which have whatsapp spying capabilities do not run in the background of the operating system. This means that the person is typically aware that he or she is being monitored. In some areas this is a requirement especially when dealing with employees but parents in general do not want their under-aged child to know that they are watching their activities. This is a major consideration when choosing a particular spy tool.
  • Legal: There are certain laws which must be adhere to when it comes to monitoring a mobile gadget. Most areas permit these spy apps to track children and also employees’ smart phone usage (corporate phone). The particulars will vary depending on your district so it is pertinent that you find out what are the restrictions that apply to you. All of the software in this review are designed to monitor your child or employees.Hacking the whatsapp messages of a spouse or other person could lead you into serious legal problems.
  • Superuser Privileges: Both IOS and Android do come with limitations with regards to the operating system. In both instances these must be removed either by jailbreaking or rooting in order to view the whatsapp conversations remotely.

Whatsapp spy software overview – What options am I looking at?

There are a number of options on the market today but the three best are Flexispy, Highster Mobile and Mspy. All of them carry the core objective in which you would be able to know the happenings with respect to whatsapp messenger on the mobile device. The main differences would be the supplemental attributes offered by these programs such as functions and also support. Each will have its pros and cons so you must carefully go through the list and determine which one is applicable for you.

flexispy whatsapp tracking software

1. Flexispy the powerhouse of the cell phone surveillance industry

Flexispy is considered the best mobile spy program on the market right now hands down. This is due to its excellent feature profile (with over 12 instant messaging services under its belt), unique functions (e.g. call listening) and award winning customer service. When it came to the professional surveillance industry (e.g. private investigators) years ago, this was the preferred product because it covered all of the basis; typically was the most advance and was extremely reliable. In general, the majority of its customers would have been professionals. However; Flexispy has now positioned itself to service the average person by offering various packages as well as subscriptions. As a potential buyer you would have the option of either Premium or Extreme. Each differs by the number of features but both carry the whatsapp spy option. The only thing required from you is to determine how far you wish to take your monitoring.

Additional features: As mentioned earlier it could be used to monitor other instant messaging systems ( i.e. Viber, Snapchat, skype); gps positioning, multimedia following (pictures, videos); listening to live phone calls; listening to surroundings; website surfing; changes in sim card and the list goes on.

Stealth: Yes, there is an option to turn on or off depending on the legal requirements of the area.

Cost: This depends on both the package and subscription type which is used but it ranges between $68USD and $348USD.

To Learn More: www.flexispy-extreme.com


highster mobile

2. Highster Mobile Pro-edition

This is another product which is commonly used when someone is looking to monitor the whatsapp chats of their employees or children. It does not carry as much features as Flexispy but, it does has the advantage of giving its users a lifetime of service (i.e. there is no subscription required). For just under $70 bucks Highster mobile could be easily seen as the most affordable cell phone surveillance application online today. The only down side to this spy program is that telephone support is only offered Monday to Friday. There is the regular email system which runs 24/7 but the ability to call and speak to someone should never be underestimated. As a customer, you would have to decide on what you can live with.

Functions: Aside from spying on whatsapp messenger the user would be able to track Skype chat, Instagram, Facebook, imessages, videos, photos, line chat, wechat, gps location and others. The complete list could be found on its website so go and take a look by clicking the link below.

Stealth: Yes

Cost : $69.95USD (one time)

More Details:www.highstermobilepro.com


mspy monitoring application





3. Mspy

Mspy is the third choice in our review of whatsapp spy software solutions but it is not least. Similar to the number one option, it carries a plethora of features including some advance ones such as keystroke logging and remote controlling. In fact, it is the only tool in the lot which also offer a computer monitoring program. Besides its features, the two other enticing things about Mspy is its user friendly interface and its customer service which works around the clock and can be contacted via email, instant messenger and the phone. Our recommendation is to visit the website and read through its entire package because there maybe something in it for you.

Additional Features: Mspy has the ability to view call logs; snapchat, wechat, videos, skype, keystroke recording, geo fencing, device locking and much more.

Cost: Starts at $49.95USD

For additional information: www.mspy.com

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whatsapp spyingSpying on Whatsapp conversations is a straight forward process providing you have the correct tool for the occasion. The general term for the tool which is being referred to in this instance is cell phone spy or monitoring software. The technology has been around for several years now, initially being used by several surveillance industries such as private investigators. The cost was pretty high which meant it was out of the reach of the average Joe but now, a few years later and virtually anyone can go online and acquire this software for under a few hundred bucks.

The best part is that these mobile phone spy applications can do a great deal more than just monitor Whatsapp messenger. You will also be able to do certain things such as intercept sms messages; track the mobile phone location; view call history  etc. In terms of implementation you do not have to be smart phone savvy but at least know some basic functions such as how to download and install an application. Sounds simple right? Well it is from the implementation side but what about the legal aspect?

Whatsapp spying software use has some legal implications which you must be aware of. The vendors created these products to spy on under age children (by parents or legal guardians) and employees (company issued mobile only). Using them to catch a cheating partner or stalk someone is not only illegal but can have some serious consequences if caught. The long and short of the story is; you must determine if your use is legal prior to utilizng these programs. The best way is to seek legal counsel with your attorney.

Below is a general overview on the process of using this type of software.

How do these surveillance apps work?

Most cell phone spy software works similarly. After a program has been selected, it will be a matter of installing it onto the mobile which is being targeted. This can take up to 15 minutes depending on the app and also if the installer runs into any hiccups. When running these apps on the mac mobile os such as on an iphone; you must jailbreak the device prior to installation. If the operating system is Android, then the machine must be rooted. Once the setup has been completed, then the product will start to spy on Whatsapp conversations and other communications it was designed to capture. In order to monitor the data captured, the user must log on to the software’s website by using a security code which would have been sent at the time of purchase.

What are the best apps to spy on whatsapp messenger?

Currently there are two which are leading the market and their names are Flexispy and Highster Mobile respectively. Flexispy is the preferred choice because of its advance technology and superb customer care. It is one of the few apps on the market which offers call interception making it ideal for Law enforcement agencies. Other common functions utilised by Flexispy are mobile tracking; remote control (e.g. restart the mobile remotely); im monitoring (Skype, Line, Viber etc); password cracker; multimedia logging and the list goes on. When it comes to buying you would be looking to pay between $69USD and $349USD depending on the depth of the monitoring you wish to have. This is just a brief summary of the benefits of Flexispy but you can read more by visiting www.flexispy-extreme.com.

Highster Mobile is another excellent choice when it comes to spying on whatsapp conversations. It cannot beat Flexispy with respect to the number of features or the number of devices it is compatible with. However; it can when it comes to price. There is no other program out there which which can compete. For just under 70 bucks you can acquire a lifetime subscription of this spy application. There is no reccurring billing, hidden fees or anything so you would definitely save a few bucks in the long run if the features it has suits you.

You can check out more about Highster Mobile  if you visit www.highstermobilepro.com.

Choosing the right tool for the job is not always easy so take the time and look through these two programs entirely. Keep in ming that whatsapp conversations are not the only sources of details about someone.


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Whatsapp spying FAQ

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Are whatsapp spying apps illegal?

This software is legal however; it can be used for illegal activities. The intent of these programs are to keep track of your child or employee’s whatsapp and other mobile phone usage. In both these scenarios there are some conditions which must be fulfilled to utilize the app within the scope of the law. Below are some basic guidelines but may vary according to your area:

  • The user of the software is also the owner of the device being monitored.
  • The child must either be yours by birth or you are the legal guardian.
  • For your employee or child (which is over 18 years old). That person must be notified formally that the mobile device in their possession is being monitored.

Although these are general guidelines, you must seek advice from a local attorney because various areas have different laws concerning this type of technology. If it is not permitted then you MUST NOT install these monitoring tools.

Would the smart phone user know that they are being monitored?

Some applications are truly hidden so that no one would know if you are keeping tabs on them. However; by following the advice above the person should know unless he or she is your under aged child. If it is discovered that you had installed a whatsapp spy tool on the device, then there may be serious legal consequences.

Does the mobile need internet service to use this type of app?

The answer to this question is yes. The data gathered is sent to the user’s email address or surveillance account. Either way for successful transfer it must be done over the internet. It can either be through a data package or wifi, it does not matter.

How difficult is it to use this technology?

Whatsapp spy software is rather simple to use; that is, the only skills you will require is the ability to install a normal app onto the mobile targeted.

How long does it take to install these cell phone surveillance apps?

On average around 10 to 15 mins depending on the brand chosen. The steps are pretty straight forward in which you download and then install it onto the particular device.

What software should I use to monitor Whatsapp messenger?

We recommend either looking at Flexispy Premium or Highster Mobile.

Flexispy is the creme le creme of the whatsapp spy world. No one can dispute its reliability or robustness. The cost starts around 70 bucks and goes up according to the subscription type you want. You can learn more about Flexispy if you download. Highster Mobile on  the other hand is an affordable monitoring tool which is great if your only interest is just whatsapp solely. The cost is fixed at around 70 bucks and you pay nothing else after that. For details on Highster mobile go to www.highstermobilepro.com


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What is Flexispy?

This is an app which is used to monitor a mobile device whether it is a smart phone or tablet remotely. When we say remotely, we mean via the internet in which you log on to the Flexispy website (through your web browser). From there you would be able to view certain details about the phone, for example instant messenger conversations and call history. It sounds pretty simple but there are more components to get to this point and it includes:

  • Ensuring there is internet connectivity on the targeted mobile because the data is all sent to the website’s server via the web connection.
  • Jailbreaking or rooting the device if necessary because certain communications would not be seen if it isn’t. (e.g. whatsapp)
  • Installing the Flexispy setup file onto the gadget which you are looking to monitor (this means physical access to it)

The first two points are very important because you would be able to determine from this point if it would be practical to purchase Flexispy or not. A manual is provided to guide the user through the setup process and if there are any hiccups during the procedure, it is possible to contact them directly through instant messaging to get assistance. When all is said and done you would be able to access an account in which you would be able to read every and anything. Just take a look at the picture below at this cell phone monitoring app’s interface.

instant messenger records

Who is this software for?

Flexispy designed their product to assist adults in parenting (under-aged children) and assist employers in staff management. In both scenarios the phone must be owned by the person who is installing the software. Each location whether it is a state, town or country has its own regulations about cell phone monitoring. It is up to the user of the software to ensure that he or she is complying with the legal codes in their area when utilizing Flexispy.

 Why choose Flexispy?

There are a number of mobile monitoring apps on the web right now and that is a fact. However; there are several reasons why one would choose this one over the others. These are:

  • Stealth: Many mobile spy apps leave a visible icon on the device which means the person using the phone would recognize that he or she is being monitored. Flexispy, gives you the option to make their icon visible (this may be necessary in your area to meet legal requirements) or to keep it hidden. In many instances installing a visible icon does not make much sense because the person would adjust their behaviour because he or she knows that they are being watched.
  • Features: There is no other tool as technologically advance as Flexispy. Besides having a maximum of 150 spy features, it also carries some of the most robust functions such as call interception (listen in on a phone call) as well as surroundings listening.
  • Service: In all of its years no other software comes close to the documentation as well as the support offered by this tool.
  • Flexible Pricing: The price varies according to the features which are required as well as the length of the subscription. Presently, you could choose to purchase the Premium or Extreme package for this product. The difference lies in the features given.

flexispy overview

Main Functions:

The complete list is 150 so we are going to simply list the most pertinent ones. If you are interested in the complete list then downloadto view.

Instant Messenger Spying

This is available in both packages offered and is the main reason why people choose Flexispy. There is no other that gives you the ability to follow whatsapp, blackberry messenger, Viber, Line Messenger, Skype, Wechat, iMessage, Facebook, Yahoo messenger, Snapchat and Hangouts with the list growing. This is generally the main source of information for the user because phone calls is a thing in the past especially with teenager. Why go through the trouble of calling when you can simply message especially multiple persons at one time?

Multimedia Logging

Capture all kinds of multimedia which include video, photos and audio.

Password Monitor

Follow passwords of emails and applications by using the technology. This is one of the more popular functions in the lot.

Call monitoring

Flexispy gives the user the complete call history of the phone including times, dates and lengths of conversations etc. It goes a bit further in also allowing you to listen in on actual phone calls as well.

How to buy (Can I get a discount)?

It is pretty simple to acquire Flexispy. You would just need to visit www.flexispy-extreme.com in order to get there and view their range of products and features. In the month of November we are offering a 10% discount coupon to our readers. At the time of purchase you would need to enter NOVOFF10. Please note this is only for yearly subscriptions.

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snapchap-screen-shotBefore talking about Snapchat spying technology let’s talk about Snapchat a bit first. If you have not heard about Snapchat then you have been out of touch of the real world for sometime. It is one of the trendiest instant messenger services to hit the market. It is quite different from the others because it sends messages via an image or video with other other attachments such as icons, audio etc. After a preset viewing time (max 10 secs) of the recipient, the images are completely erased from the device. The idea behind this software is to make instant messaging a more interactive experience and guess what, it has been catching on especially with the younger generation.

Reasons to monitor Snapchat conversations

Instant messaging systems are usually a great source of information to discover what is going on with someone. In reality, Snapchat is no different however; it is more dangerous in the hands of teenagers who may send inappropriate photos or videos because of the perception that it will disappear shortly afterwards. Although the photo or video may disappear, that does not stop someone from taking a screenshot or from using a third party app to record things. At the end of the day, your child’s image and reputation may be compromised because of something he or she may think is fun at the time. By installing a Snapchat spy program onto the device you would be made aware of what is happening as a parent and then would be able to take measures to deal with this type of behavior.

In business, Snapchat may be a quick avenue to send sensitive information to the competition or sources which should not be privy to certain details. In the mind of the rogue employee, if the evidence is disappearing then there would not be an issue, right? Of course not, these are just a couple of the scenarios that we could look at but at the end of the day, the aim would be to acquire information.

Spy solution

Currently there is only one mobile monitoring application with the ability to view Snapchat messages remotely and that is Flexispy. This software is an overall monitoring tool for both cell phones and tablets designed to track the activities of your kids and workers exclusively. Although your main interest would be Snapchat conversations, there are other communications which could be followed. These include whatsapp, Viber, imessages, blackberry messenger, skype and others. Depending on the subscription chosen it is possible to acquire 150 spy features. So what is the cost? The starting price is 68 bucks and can climb to as much as 349USD. You would have to determine what level you wish to work at.

This is just a brief overview but to learn more visit www.flexispy-extreme.com. Right now there is a coupon  NOVOFF10 to acquire 10% off of your purchases in the month of November only.

Phonesheriff is an amazing mobile employee and parental monitoring app which primary objective is to feed the user selected particulars about the mobile phone or tablet usage. The concept behind it is that, if you can read their messages and track where they are going or have been.  Then it is possible to truly comprehend what that staff or child is up to. The operation is not difficult at all. You would have to download Phonesheriff onto the mobile which you desire to observe. After it has been setup and configured, the app is going to take it from there by keeping a record of specific files and communications. You would then be able to either proceed to the Phonesheriff login to find out what exactly is taking place or as an alternative request a log to be sent to your email.

In preparation for installing Phonesheriff there are three things which you must make certain of.

The first is to know the rules of cell phone monitoring in your area and to obey them. Phonesheriff is designed to monitor your employee (company issued mobile) or under-aged child cell phone or tablet. Any other purpose is prohibited by the law (i.e. your spouse or relative etc). In fact it has a logo to indicate its usage so that the person would know that he or she is being monitored.

The second thing is know whether the gadget is supported by this tool. Phonesheriff is capable of working with:

Apple devices (iphone and ipad) – In order to get the full set of features it requires that the device is jailbroken. An alternative is to use Phonesheriff investigator which does not have that requirement.

Android phones and tablet – In order to utilise the advance features with an android device it must be rooted. Otherwise you would be limited to basic functionality such as sms monitoring etc.

Blackberry – This is up to Blackberry OS 7 for right now.


Windows mobile

compatible devices

The final thing which is needed is an online connection which purpose other than to download the product onto the machine is to set up a means of delivery of the surveillance logs. The logs could either be to its remote control panel or to your email address. Once these two things are satisfied you would be certain that the setting up process shouldn’t have any unnecessary hiccups.

Review of Phonesheriff features

What can Phonesheriff do? A range of different things especially geared toward children. This could be seen by its alerts and filtering options.

Monitoring Functions

This allow you to follow:

Gps location of the mobile, Instant messenger (bbm, whatsapp, imessages), text messages, phone calls, contacts information, websites browsed, environment,  photos, videos and applications running. There is also a phone bugging option which allow you to listen in on the surroundings of the device as well.


Phonesheriff is able to restrict the time usage on phone (i.e. the phone would only be able to operate between a particular time), daily internet, calls made or received; sms messages and website browsing history.

Remote control

Send remote commands to lock, unlock and wipe the gadet.


Allow the software to contact you if certain events have taken place such as a sim changes; geo fencing (allow you to define an area on the map in which you would receive a message if your child was to leave it); watched contact, profanity alerts or custom alerts.

Overall the features offered by Phonesheriff is more than enough to keep you on your toes when it comes to the kids or a staff member.

What if I need help?

Support through the various mediums make it easy for one to acquire a quick solution to their issues. This is from the izoom instant messenger which pops up on the bottom right hand corner of the website. Email messages which is still the most conventional way to communicate with most mobile spy app vendors. Then finally is through telephone support in which you hear a real voice at the other end. Either one could work depending on your situation, but it is great having options out there.

How do I begin?

Everything starts with the purchase of Phonesheriff and then by following the steps provided in the package. The cost for a year subscription is $89.00USD but you could acquire a 25% discount by purchasing through this website. You would just need to download to go to the Phonesheriff purchase page and then enter sheriff25 in the discount area. Click the refresh button and the savings instantly appear. See the screenshot below.

coupon code

The Better Business Bureau is a non profit organisation in the USA and Canada which goal is to promote general marketplace trust. This is by creating a system in which this establishment can communicate with both businesses and consumers. In general most people think about the Better Business Bureau when visiting a website of either a company or particular product. Typically on the landing page either on the top or the bottom, you would see that they have BBB accreditation. What does this accreditation really mean you may wonder? Well this is one of the measures taken to promote trust between businesses and consumers.

An accreditation by the BBB is a stamp of approval that this particular company has reached certain requirements in terms of its business practices in both integrity as well as performance. Virtually any company can apply for recognition as a member but not all would be admitted due to it not meeting the particular standards. If accepted, the establishment would be assigned a rating which would reflect the view of the board of directors.  The ratings vary between B and A+. Therefore; as a consumer or a business; if you have to make choice between two companies to do business with then the one with the higher rating would be the preferred choice.

We mentioned earlier that businesses have to demonstrate a level of integrity and performance to meet the actual grade. What does this mean you may be pondering? Well, when you talk about the integrity of a business you are actually referring to its codes of ethics and honesty. For example; is the company truthful with respect to its interactions with customers and its employees? Does it promote honesty within its organisation from the ground up? These are pertinent questions the Bureau seek to answer when it comes to evaluation of the type of company.

When it comes to performance now that deals with the track record of delivering results with accordance to the Better Business Bureaus rules and regulations. It is not looking for a perfect organisation without any customer issues. However; if there are any disputes, it expected that the company deals with it in a timely and satisfactory fashion. Lingering customer issues does not sit well with this bureau and as a result it may mean in a devaluation of your grade or worst yet, removal from the listing.

Although the Better Business Bureau is known mostly for its accreditation, it actually offer more than that. Other purposes are:

  • Provide Free education and advise to businesses to promote trust.
  • To facilitate the lodging of complaints by consumers and to assist in a resolution.
  • Full disclosure about companies information e.g. address, telephone number

Although this article covers a great deal about this organisation it is nothing better than to get the word straight from the horse’s mouth. So take some time to visit its site www.bbb.org

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mobile spy software box logoMobile spy is a program which you can download from the internet that would enable you to follow the activities of a smart device whether it is a phone or tablet computer. This software is designed to monitor your employees (company issued) and children (underaged) mobile devices only. It works with the majority of mobile machines on the market including Android (phones and tablets), iphone, ipad, Blackberry, windows mobile and Symbian based smart phones. In this review of Mobile spy we would take a look at this software in its entirety including the pros and also the cons. You would then have to decide whether you will take it or leave it where it is.

Mobile spy Background

As one of the oldest mobile surveillance programs on the web today (since 2003); this software has built a reputation over the pass  number of years for both reliability and also customer service. Registered since 2010 with the Better Business Bureau. Mobile Spy has maintained  an A+ rating which is the highest mark given by this organisation. This does not mean that it is perfect or does not have customer issues. It does mean however; that when these issues do arise that it is settled in a prompt and acceptable manner.
The Better Business  Bureau criteria are pretty stringent and you could look up any company registered for a list of details including complaints, telephone number, address to name a few. Mobile spy was created by the RetinaX Studios LLC so you can just do a search using that name to see what details it brings up.

What communications can it monitor?

The list is quite extensive but the most sought after features of Mobile spy software are:

  • Keystroke Logging
  • Facebook messenger monitoring
  • Whatsapp messenger conversation tracking
  • Gps tracking
  • Stealth camera (taking a picture with the camera unknown to the user)
  • Media logging (pictures and videos)
  • Live surveillance option (view the actual device screen through this apps virtual interface)

the list is constantly being added on to so it is best that you view the complete list of features on the main website. A link is provided right below for your convenience.

Pros – What is the most compelling reasons to purchase?

When compared with the other software on the internet. The main reasons to choose this particular app when monitoring a mobile device are:

  1. Compatibility:  It works with the majority of operating systems even with the least popular ones. This is particularly useful when the person you are watching is changing devices rapidly. This ensures that you can always be informed without having to buy another product.
  2. Great Value for money: This is due to the fact that you can install Mobile spy on three distinct smart gadgets with one license. No other product online gives you such an offer and to boot; when you go for an annual subscription it entitles you to a subscription of Sniperspy.
  3. Excellent Contact System: If you need assistance there is a number of ways you can get it. You can either email, call or speak to someone online through the website.

Further information

Mobile spy does not work completely in stealth and as a result an icon would appear on the mobile device. This is a means to ensure that the consumer uses it for the intended purposes only. The pricing structure starts at $49.95USD and goes as high as $134.97USD depending on the length of the subscription and other adds-ons you require at the time of purchase. It is best to click on the link below in order to find out more about this particular program.

visit website logo
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child cell phone monitoringWhen it comes to monitoring your kid’s cell phone the best method right now is through software. You could easily acquire a special app on the internet which will allow you to view what your kids are up to without them knowing a thing. Certain communications will be captured and then posted online to you the parent. Since the logs are online, it means that you could view what is happening anywhere and anytime without even having to touch the device. These programs are known as cell phone parental monitoring software and its main purpose is to keep you in touch with what is happening with your children.

In terms of surveillance functions you will be able to view virtually anything that is going on such as reading your kid’s text messages, tracking their mobile phone, viewing websites browsed and much more. You will have a choice of basic or robust features in which you could easily pay between a few bucks or a few hundred bucks for an application. Basically, the more you want to view the more you will have to pay.

What cell phone parental monitoring app should I look at?

Phonesheriff and Mobistealth are excellent apps when it comes to monitoring your child’s cell phone activities. In terms of a basic application with both surveillance and control functionality then Phonesheriff is a good choice. You will be able to do simple things such as track your child’s cell phone, text messages; websites visited; call logs; pictures taken by the phone; block certain numbers from calling or texting and more. For a little less than 50 bucks most parents find that this is an ideal choice especially when on a tight budget. The best part is that is compatible with most smart phones. Additional information could be found on the main website, simply  download to get there.

Mobistealth which is the second choice offers more advance parental monitoring features than its competition. It has the same basic functionality in terms of surveillance however it can also spy on Whatsapp messenger, bbm, listen to the surroundings of the phone and also tap the mobile. Therefore if you need to boost up your spying then this program is an excellent choice. Similar to Phonesheriff it is also compatible with the majority of smart phone brands. If you are interested in finding out more about Mobistealth cell phone parental monitoring software then visit www.mobistealthpro.com.

Spyera is one of the premium spy apps for smart phones gaining popularity through its robustness and cutting edge technology. After all when it comes to advance features this vendor is usually a step above the rest for example, previously it launched Whatsapp spying which was unheard of at that time for iphone and Android. This instantly made it a hit for those who had to monitor someone’s cell phone in which the user used Whatsapp messenger as the main mode of communication. Basically Spyera lead; and the rest of the industry followed offering the same service to level the playing field. Therefore, typically if you cannot find a particular function from other vendors then you should try Spyera, if this company doesn’t have it is highly likely that no other will.

In terms of packages you will have a choice of Basic, Multimedia, Silver and Gold. Each package will contain its own set of attributes which will affect the level of surveillance and your overall price. Another factor affecting the price will also be its subscription in which there are three types which are 3, 6 and 12 months. This offer additional flexibility for someone who is looking for a powerful app at an affordable price; especially if they do not need the one year license.

Spyera review: Features

Below is the list of functions offered by this particular vendor:

  • Call interception – listen in on live phone calls
  • Mobile phone bugging – Use the  users mobile to listen in on his surroundings
  • Sms monitoring – read each and every text message sent or received
  • Mobile gps tracking – View the actual location of the device on a map. This is excellent for people who want to keep track of their children’s location or employee.
  • Call History – View the number of each call made or received.
  • Email Logging – Intercept each email sent or received by the primary email account.
  • Blackberry messenger surveillance –  Monitor bbm chat
  • Remote commands – Use special to actuate certain functions on the program such as remote uninstall etc.
  • Photo Logging: Each photo taken by the cell phone is uploaded so that you could view.
  • Whatsapp spying: View the chat log for this particular messenger.

From this list you could easily realize that there is virtually nothing which will be able to escape you by implementing this program. Once installed it will go into action recording each and every communication it was designed for sending the details back to a special account for you. The only thing which the user would need to do is to log on using their special security credentials to access the information.

Additional Information: Phone compatibility, Price etc

In terms of compatibility, with Spyera you will be able to monitor virtually every type of mobile phone including Blackberry, iphone, Android (e.g. LG, HTC), Symbian (e.g. Nokia) and Windows Mobile. This make it quite easy to transfer the program in the event the person decide to purchase a completely new device. Its price range between $169 and $489USD; this is based on package and subscription selected. Finally in this Spyera review we will discuss the warranty in which it offers it users a 10day money back guarantee. If it does not work for you within this time return it for a refund.

For further information on Spyera  download

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If you are here then that means that you are considering using Mobistealth pro software to monitor an employee or your children’s mobile phone. Like with most things you would not like to spend your hard earn money on something which is ineffective or worst a scam. This review of Mobistealth will go through everything which you would want to know about this product before you go to make that purchase.  The first question which usually pops up is how long has this app been around. Well this program came onto the internet in 2009 in which it initially only catered to Blackberry and Android phones.

It became popular quickly due to the fact that it offered competitive prices when compared to the others on the market. After all it started from as low as $39.99USD and got as high as $199.99USD even with advanced functions such as call interception. Therefore many people were willing to give it a shot and this software did not disappoint them. As the word spread it started to gain more in popularity and had its own set of loyal customers. In fact it can be said that its interface and also stability can compete with the giants of the industry.

As time went on Mobistealth added iphone, Symbian based and Window mobile smart phones to their compatibility list allowing it to compete totally in the cell phone surveillance market. In terms of structure, it comes in three versions in which you will be able to choose between Lite, Pro and Prox. Therefore you can choose the version which suits your needs.

How does it work?

Similar to most mobile spy apps everything starts with you installing Mobistealth onto the device being targeted. Generally, this will take at least 10 minutes in which you will have to download and configure it on the particular mobile. Once completed the software will immediately go into action capturing each communication it was designed to do. As it collects data it will forward it to a special monitoring account for you in which only you will have access to. Once you access it online all of the information will be there at your finger tips. You will be able to sort, search and filter accordingly to query any event in which you would be interested in.

Mobistealth reviews: What are its features?

That is one of the most important queries that any product will get. The capability of this spy program ranges from basic to advance and it includes:

  • Call history
  • Contact details
  • Video Logging
  • Photo Logging
  • Spying on Blackberry messenger
  • sms messages interception
  • Email monitoring
  • Whatsapp spying
  • Call recording
  • Website monitoring
  • Sim notification
  • Mobile phone bugging

As you may realize this is quite a bit of features here and virtually nothing will escape you as the user by implementing them. Since it comes in different packages you can adapt to suit what you are doing.

Additional Information

If you would like to find out more then to download

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