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Tracking a cell phone is relatively simple to do if you have the correct instrument for the job. In this scenario you would need to deal with a special application known as a mobile phone tracker. When installed onto the respective mobile these programs capture the gps coordinates of the particular device and sends it back to the user across the internet. Information is generally displayed on a map in which there will be an indicator pointing to the exact location of the device. Other details such as roads, buildings and places of interest are annotated to make it easy to discern where the device is located.

When you are trying to track the cell phone of your child or employee typically you would want to use an app with a stealth function. In that way he or she would not have a clue you are keeping tabs on them and therefore would not try anything smart such as turning off the smart phone. By monitoring their location you could easily know if the kids or staff is somewhere they are not supposed to be.

Does a mobile phone tracker offer you any additional functionality?

The answer to that question is definitely. You could monitor literally any communication with this technology. Some of the more popular features are:

  • Call logging
  • Photo logging
  • Contact details
  • Website tracking
  • Intercepting text messages
  • Blackberry messenger interception
  • Whatsapp monitoring

By effectively using these features simultaneously it make it easier to find an overall picture of the situation you are dealing with. However, there is a cost attached to any additional functionality and it could cost you from as little as $40 to as much as $500USD depending on what you would like to intercept.

Where can I find a decent app?

 In general, you could easily find an app to track a mobile phone online and with an instant download. It is possible to use your favorite web search engine but this reeks quite a bit of results. In this review we recommend two popular apps which are Spybubble and Mobistealth.


Spybubble is presently one of the most popular cell phone trackers on the web and that is mainly because it is affordable and gets the job done. It comes with basic additional functionality and this includes call monitoring, photo capturing, website monitoring, phone contact details and email interception. It costs presently $49.99USD and is available at

mobistealth pro

Mobistealth however, offers more complex features such as call interception and also the ability to intercept bbm messages. Its price is a range starting from $39.99USD to $199.99USD depending on the features and subscription required. It is available at

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