Free Whatsapp spy software – Learn how to intercept Whatsapp conversations at no cost


Are you interested in acquiring a free Whatsapp messenger spy app to keep watch on a particular cell phone activity? Well you are in luck because you do not have to necessarily shell out anything to monitor this messenger chat.  There is software out there which would allow you to read every Whatsapp conversation for free but there is a catch to it. That is, you only have 7 days in which you can do it because it is a trial offer. However, if during that time you discover what you wanted then you are not obliged to pay for anything. If you decide you need a bit more time then you simply purchase one of the packages offered. There are 3, 6 or 12 month packages which start at $49.97USD which isn’t bad.

You probably heard of the app, it is called Mobile Spy. It didn’t have the ability to intercept Whatsapp messenger chat prior but it has released that and quite a bit of other features recently which has put it back on top of the cell phone surveillance world. When you are using this free trial offer you would have access to all of its functions. It’s list of features also include:

  • Social media monitoring (e.g. facebook, imessage and twitter)
  • Instant messenger chat recording (e.g. yahoo, msn, aol etc)
  • Mobile tracking using gps coordinates
  • Sms surveillance
  • Photo and Video capturing
  • Website tracking
  • Call history records
  • You tube video history
  • Bbm interception
  • Blackberry pin message logging
  • Email capturing
  • Application Blocking
  • Remote uninstall
  • Remote commands (lock, unlock, delete information via special sms codes)

In this list, you would notice that there is a lot more to learn by using this software than from monitoring Whatsapp messenger alone. In fact there is nothing which would be out of the reach of the parent or employer if he was to use this program.

How do I get started?

In order to start using this free Whatsapp messenger spy program simply  download. You will be taken directly to the setup page. From there you would need to follow the instructions to download and install the software onto the target mobile. Once that is done you would then be given a free online account in which all of that is required is you logging onto it and view the records. If there is any help you need it is possible to contact them via their toll free customer service number.

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