Snapchat spy software – How to monitor snapchat messages?


snapchap-screen-shotBefore talking about Snapchat spying technology let’s talk about Snapchat a bit first. If you have not heard about Snapchat then you have been out of touch of the real world for sometime. It is one of the trendiest instant messenger services to hit the market. It is quite different from the others because it sends messages via an image or video with other other attachments such as icons, audio etc. After a preset viewing time (max 10 secs) of the recipient, the images are completely erased from the device. The idea behind this software is to make instant messaging a more interactive experience and guess what, it has been catching on especially with the younger generation.

Reasons to monitor Snapchat conversations

Instant messaging systems are usually a great source of information to discover what is going on with someone. In reality, Snapchat is no different however; it is more dangerous in the hands of teenagers who may send inappropriate photos or videos because of the perception that it will disappear shortly afterwards. Although the photo or video may disappear, that does not stop someone from taking a screenshot or from using a third party app to record things. At the end of the day, your child’s image and reputation may be compromised because of something he or she may think is fun at the time. By installing a Snapchat spy program onto the device you would be made aware of what is happening as a parent and then would be able to take measures to deal with this type of behavior.

In business, Snapchat may be a quick avenue to send sensitive information to the competition or sources which should not be privy to certain details. In the mind of the rogue employee, if the evidence is disappearing then there would not be an issue, right? Of course not, these are just a couple of the scenarios that we could look at but at the end of the day, the aim would be to acquire information.

Spy solution

Currently there is only one mobile monitoring application with the ability to view Snapchat messages remotely and that is Flexispy. This software is an overall monitoring tool for both cell phones and tablets designed to track the activities of your kids and workers exclusively. Although your main interest would be Snapchat conversations, there are other communications which could be followed. These include whatsapp, Viber, imessages, blackberry messenger, skype and others. Depending on the subscription chosen it is possible to acquire 150 spy features. So what is the cost? The starting price is 68 bucks and can climb to as much as 349USD. You would have to determine what level you wish to work at.

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