How to secretly spy on whatsapp messenger on virtually any smart phone?


whatsapp spyingSpying on Whatsapp conversations is quite straight forward process providing you have the correct tool for the occasion. The tool which is being referred to in this instance is known as cell phone spy software. This kind of technology has been around for several years now initially being used by several surveillance industries such as private investigators. Now it is open up so that virtually anyone can use it to keep tabs on their employees and also children’s cell phone activities. The best part is that these mobile phone surveillance applications can do much more that just monitor Whatsapp messenger. You will also be able to do certain things such as intercept sms messages; track the mobile phone; view call history and much more.

In terms of implementation you do not have to be smart phone savvy but at least know some basic functions such as how to download and install a typical application. Below is a general overview on the process of using this type of software.

How do these surveillance apps work?

In general most cell phone surveillance software works similarly. Once the program is chosen it will be a matter of installing it onto the mobile which is being targeted. This process will take from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the app and also if the installer runs into any hiccups. If the target mobile is an iphone you must jailbreak the iphone prior to installation. Once the setup is completed then the product will start to spy on Whatsapp conversations and other communications it was designed to capture. As things are recorded they will be sent to the user either via email or to a special account.

In order to retrieve the records you will need to log on using your security codes and that is it. Since the information will be stored online, access will be available to you at anytime and anywhere.

What are the best apps to spy on whatsapp messenger?

When it comes to the selection of a program you usually are restricted to two choices which are Mobile spy and Flexispy Prox. Mobile spy is usually the preferred choice because it is very reliable and also offers its users various payment terms making it quite affordable for anyone on a tight budget. Its features include call logging; sms surveillance; cell phone tracking; text message monitoring; blackberry messenger monitoring; url recording; social media monitoring (facebook, twitter, imessage); im monitoring (msn, yahoo, aol etc), contact details, email tracking, photo and video logging, youtube video tracking and Live Surveillance control panel. The price can range from $49.97USD to $139.94USD depending on the options that is chosen.

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Flexispy omni is the other choice mentioned. It is one of the giants in this particular marketplace. It cannot beat Mobile spy in terms of number of features. However, it outdo its competitor by the number of phones it can support with this feature (e.g. iphone, Android etc) and advance functionality (e.g. cell phone tapping, bugging). It cost more but you do get the additional benefits which make it the preferred choice with private investigators.

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