How to monitor whatsapp messenger on virtually any smart device?


whatsapp spyingSpying on Whatsapp conversations is a straight forward process providing you have the correct tool for the occasion. The general term for the tool which is being referred to in this instance is cell phone spy or monitoring software. The technology has been around for several years now, initially being used by several surveillance industries such as private investigators. The cost was pretty high which meant it was out of the reach of the average Joe but now, a few years later and virtually anyone can go online and acquire this software for under a few hundred bucks.

The best part is that these mobile phone spy applications can do a great deal more than just monitor Whatsapp messenger. You will also be able to do certain things such as intercept sms messages; track the mobile phone location; view call history  etc. In terms of implementation you do not have to be smart phone savvy but at least know some basic functions such as how to download and install an application. Sounds simple right? Well it is from the implementation side but what about the legal aspect?

Whatsapp spying software use has some legal implications which you must be aware of. The vendors created these products to spy on under age children (by parents or legal guardians) and employees (company issued mobile only). Using them to catch a cheating partner or stalk someone is not only illegal but can have some serious consequences if caught. The long and short of the story is; you must determine if your use is legal prior to utilizng these programs. The best way is to seek legal counsel with your attorney.

Below is a general overview on the process of using this type of software.

How do these surveillance apps work?

Most cell phone spy software works similarly. After a program has been selected, it will be a matter of installing it onto the mobile which is being targeted. This can take up to 15 minutes depending on the app and also if the installer runs into any hiccups. When running these apps on the mac mobile os such as on an iphone; you must jailbreak the device prior to installation. If the operating system is Android, then the machine must be rooted. Once the setup has been completed, then the product will start to spy on Whatsapp conversations and other communications it was designed to capture. In order to monitor the data captured, the user must log on to the software’s website by using a security code which would have been sent at the time of purchase.

What are the best apps to spy on whatsapp messenger?

Currently there are two which are leading the market and their names are Flexispy and Highster Mobile respectively. Flexispy is the preferred choice because of its advance technology and superb customer care. It is one of the few apps on the market which offers call interception making it ideal for Law enforcement agencies. Other common functions utilised by Flexispy are mobile tracking; remote control (e.g. restart the mobile remotely); im monitoring (Skype, Line, Viber etc); password cracker; multimedia logging and the list goes on. When it comes to buying you would be looking to pay between $69USD and $349USD depending on the depth of the monitoring you wish to have. This is just a brief summary of the benefits of Flexispy but you can read more by visiting www.flexispy-extreme.com.

Highster Mobile is another excellent choice when it comes to spying on whatsapp conversations. It cannot beat Flexispy with respect to the number of features or the number of devices it is compatible with. However; it can when it comes to price. There is no other program out there which which can compete. For just under 70 bucks you can acquire a lifetime subscription of this spy application. There is no reccurring billing, hidden fees or anything so you would definitely save a few bucks in the long run if the features it has suits you.

You can check out more about Highster Mobile  if you visit www.highstermobilepro.com.

Choosing the right tool for the job is not always easy so take the time and look through these two programs entirely. Keep in ming that whatsapp conversations are not the only sources of details about someone.


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