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Spyera is one of the premium spy apps for smart phones gaining popularity through its robustness and cutting edge technology. After all when it comes to advance features this vendor is usually a step above the rest for example, previously it launched Whatsapp spying which was unheard of at that time for iphone and Android. This instantly made it a hit for those who had to monitor someone’s cell phone in which the user used Whatsapp messenger as the main mode of communication. Basically Spyera lead; and the rest of the industry followed offering the same service to level the playing field. Therefore, typically if you cannot find a particular function from other vendors then you should try Spyera, if this company doesn’t have it is highly likely that no other will.

In terms of packages you will have a choice of Basic, Multimedia, Silver and Gold. Each package will contain its own set of attributes which will affect the level of surveillance and your overall price. Another factor affecting the price will also be its subscription in which there are three types which are 3, 6 and 12 months. This offer additional flexibility for someone who is looking for a powerful app at an affordable price; especially if they do not need the one year license.

Spyera review: Features

Below is the list of functions offered by this particular vendor:

  • Call interception – listen in on live phone calls
  • Mobile phone bugging – Use the  users mobile to listen in on his surroundings
  • Sms monitoring – read each and every text message sent or received
  • Mobile gps tracking – View the actual location of the device on a map. This is excellent for people who want to keep track of their children’s location or employee.
  • Call History – View the number of each call made or received.
  • Email Logging – Intercept each email sent or received by the primary email account.
  • Blackberry messenger surveillance –  Monitor bbm chat
  • Remote commands – Use special to actuate certain functions on the program such as remote uninstall etc.
  • Photo Logging: Each photo taken by the cell phone is uploaded so that you could view.
  • Whatsapp spying: View the chat log for this particular messenger.

From this list you could easily realize that there is virtually nothing which will be able to escape you by implementing this program. Once installed it will go into action recording each and every communication it was designed for sending the details back to a special account for you. The only thing which the user would need to do is to log on using their special security credentials to access the information.

Additional Information: Phone compatibility, Price etc

In terms of compatibility, with Spyera you will be able to monitor virtually every type of mobile phone including Blackberry, iphone, Android (e.g. LG, HTC), Symbian (e.g. Nokia) and Windows Mobile. This make it quite easy to transfer the program in the event the person decide to purchase a completely new device. Its price range between $169 and $489USD; this is based on package and subscription selected. Finally in this Spyera review we will discuss the warranty in which it offers it users a 10day money back guarantee. If it does not work for you within this time return it for a refund.

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