Whatsapp monitoring software – What programs should I consider using for this surveillance?


whatsapp monitoring appMonitoring Whatsapp messenger on a mobile phone has become quite common in the surveillance industry due to the popularity of Whatsapp messenger. Before the typical phone user would be only limited to use sms or mms messaging. However, now that data plans are becoming more affordable people prefer to use bbm, msn, yahoo and other messenger services. This means that in order for you to get accurate results you must acquire a mobile phone spy app which can do more than just monitor text messages. Otherwise, you would never truly have the complete picture of the person which you are concerned about.

In terms of implementation the software used to monitor Whatsapp messenger functions the same as any other mobile spy app. That is you would have to install it on the particular device in question once that is done it will begin to log the chat and other transmissions sending it to a private online profile. In order to view the logs you will have to log on with your security credentials and that is it. You will be able to find sort and search the various records there. Since everything is online access is always possible providing you are able to go on the web.

What Whatsapp monitoring software do you recommend?

Right now there are two apps which are leading the industry in terms of Whatsapp messenger spying and these are Mobile spy and Spyera. In terms of features both carry similar options. You will be able to intercept sms messages; spy on bbm; track the mobile via gps; view call history; view photos and videos taken; imessage interception; social media monitoring (e.g. facebook); youtube video tracking; intercept emails, calendar events logging and more. In general when combined with the ability to monitor Whatsapp chat there is nothing either of them won’t be able to do. If you would like to find out more about this app then download

So what makes the difference between these two programs you may wonder? Well the main differences are in price and also features. Mobile spy is usually the preferred choice because it costs less than Spyera and has more features. However, Spyera has robust functions which will allow you to listen in on a cell phone conversation as well as bug a room using the same mobile. The price will be a bit more but you will certainly benefit from this powerhouse cell phone surveillance application.

For more details on Spyera  download

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